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Welcome to Shadowmailuk, an anonoymous mail/package forwarding centre in Rotherham. In the current age of technology it is becoming more and more difficult to be truly anonymous and keep your personal details secure. Cooperation's are profeting and abusing our details all too often. Everyone has the right to remain anonymous. With this service you will have an address where your mail/packages can be sent too and then forwarded to yourself by us. This way you need never reveal your name or address to anyone. Your details are never stored on our system and messages are secured with the highest level of encryption and will never be revealed under any circumstances. For information or to subscribe Contact us on [email protected] for added security if you would like to encrypt your message to us our pgp public key is: -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: BCPG C# v1.6.1.0 mQENBF3bwJwBCACD3fRIkbkUSiGz+UyJx7++Qs/qJYzTPZahfWvE51zAEoCuXgVC S6KjJPvK5mD86sXdIfvuWIsiovroLDTQKWZgqBawYggLCjVftKRTit4AMl0f23Io ebONZ9L0Yzv7Dtqx5dR9zdMyJDMP+L2dMJc800BaIUVJmcdj3iJnkAp91pXOogji cD+QXgpC2ckztJgMhuxezLoKLoRgDfTn8cx9OvUvXHXxKDSCZbTycb6L9Jv1WtkT ddRZx4pnE0CqLKlxcnmfb6Nfc1hslqe3yHpU/ON7Jix62fvWTiie3p3CQpB16ICz JfQaJssbEM7jQfJjnAYPio2rSk10Gue45bKbABEBAAG0G1NoYWRvd21haWx1a0Bw cm90b25tYWlsLmNvbYkBHAQQAQIABgUCXdvAnAAKCRAHVPuQ8otYGrNjB/9tvZQ3 8mIRXim9lpFohNKwcYHWzB7z+pQ/9L3zn8ffy2lnGWtwQKzZD7rSFKfbTSVah60B WmudiRGsko4DBXbXtGartPhqvO9Z/xeQ+BZD0lheXjEvXC9Roj4vz+32tk6ex2CJ YbgXT6r9hHlBYcQIrC1iF2S24SuJSnxtik5q/w0VP+g6B8DXCzduxFSQrO1P5gTB 48bdzltdWaCzChYzkJLdkDYKPxye3PUJrs1uoyEHRnPJ+md+aNLpmLpvbrg0QPNi ZPDTeVpNsyUWD+Q11jSa0HJ1mNL5CtcQDRuBgLbUFkK70Pc1wkxsvjMh+c+b9V6s H6aPGCJb1b6x21We =FxFu -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

Our service

Our main task is to provide anominaty and to ensure that your letters and parcels get safely to their various destinations. Forwarding costs are x2 the cost of postage, for example, if it costs us £2 to forward your mail, you will be charge £4 to cover our handling costs, we will always provide you a receipt. You will be required to load your account with a minimum of £20 to cover future forwarding costs, we will let you know when these funds need topping up. How it works 1) choose your Subscription based on how long you will require to use our services (3,6 or 12 months) 2) message us to subscribe and to be given payment details (we accept PayPal or BTC) 3) Send payment and load your account with the minimum funds to cover forwarding costs 4) Once your payment is confirmed you can begin using our service immediately. 5) let us know when you have mail or a package being sent to us and under what name it will be arriving, also inform us of the address and name you would like your mail/package to be forwarded to, when we receive a message from you we encrypt the message to protect your details, once we receive and forward your mail/package we will provide you with a receipt and confirmation of forwarding and then your messages are deleted. Therefore you must inform us of each mail/package being sent to us. We rely on your custom so our team will endeavor to provide the best service possible. T&C We will never under any circumstances open your mail/package, you must never inform us of the contents, if you inform us of the contents we reserve the right not to accept receipt and your mail/package will be returned to sender. Please ensure your package sent to us is tracked so you know when it has been received by us, if you dispute any mail/package being sent to us that we have not received then you will need to provide evidence. Package's/mail received before 3.30 PM will be forwarded the same day, anything received after this time will be sent the following day. We accept no responsibility for the contents of your packages/mail. If we suspect any illegal activity your account will be closed immediately and funds non refundable. We reserve the right not to accept receipt of a package or mail for any reason, for e.g we suspect illegal content. We will not receive any mail/package if there are not sufficient funds to cover forwarding cost. We cannot store your packages, the only time a package is stored is when it is received too late to forward the same day, it is the forwarded at the next available opportunity. Although We accept no responsibility for the contents of your package, we ensure you that all packages/mail received and forwarded are handled with the upmost respect and care, if a package arrives to us in a damaged box we will inform you immediately so you can contact the sender.

Why Choose Us

There are other mail forwarding companies around but non offer the same level of security that we provide, most companies dont offer the standard pgp public key to allow yourself the added security of encrypting your messages. Our staff are well trained to ensure your letter or parcel arrives anonomously and safely at its destination. Your details will never be disclosed and we ensure this by storing no details other than a reference number you are assigned to keep track of payments (reference numbers contain no personal details) We relay on your custom so you can Trust in us


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Been searching for something like this and I'm glad I found these guys, had a few packages sent here now and received them no problem.
Stevie wonder
26 Nov 2019
Anonymous and cheap lol what more can I say
John smith
26 Nov 2019
Was sceptical at first, tried by sending a few letters to see how it went, received them no problem, now I get everything sent here
26 Nov 2019

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